silkka's clay

Not all clays are created equal

Silkka’s clay has a very low metal content and very high calcium content (most other mask manufacturers use a cheaper clay with a high metal content). We scoured Europe for a clay with similar properties and found none that matched. We import the clay from the mine in the Nevada desert, as it produces the finest green clay in the world.

Rare clay produces the finest mask

Used for centuries by Native Americans as a healing clay (internally & externally), this rare calcium bentonite clay is truly the best of it’s kind. Never heat treated or ‘cleaned’ like most other clays used in masks means the Silkka clay retains it’s natural detoxification properties. It is also one of the few clays in the world to test for natural antimicrobial properties. Every batch of clay is university and lab tested for quality; you can be sure you are getting the finest Silkka clay mask.